Guest Host on The Glass Case of Emotion podcast


Daniel sat down this week with Kim Coon and Chuck Bush as a special guest host filling in for Ryan Blaneyon The Glass Case of Emotion podcast.

No subject was off the table.

Did you hear the story about a Mexican living in a snow-ridden Buffalo, NY in the dead of winter? 

Do you know which is Daniel’s favorite West coast track or what teammate he hounds the most with questions on the Stewart-Haas Racing (SHR) team?

Food was a hot topic, too. Which city has the best authentic Mexican food in the West coast? Even Mami’s famous cooking came up on the show.

Did Daniel’s recent Smackdown appearance with Rey Mysterio have anything to do withlast week’s “pit road dance” in Phoenix? Did Rey Mysterio give him any pointers?

Spoiler alert: No – Daniel doesn’t eat bugs or mow his own lawn.

You just gotta give it a listen.