The Car That Brought Me To Charlotte – My 1994 Beetle


In 2007, my father purchased a 1994 Black Beetle to be used exclusively for his work. Initially, it served its purpose – transporting my father to and from his various meetings and around the city of Monterrey. Since the body of the vehicle is a special edition, it has always looked great but under the hood, my father ran into several mechanical complications with the transmission, suspension and engine. Overtime, he was able to fix these issues and the car was eventually handed down to me.

With the car being in much better shape, I packed up my things and made the move to the United States. In McAllen, Texas, I drove this wonderful Beetle while exploring the city and embarking on new adventures. After 8 months in Texas, I returned to Mexico and was presented the opportunity to race in Charlotte. My only issue – the Beetle needed a new transmission.

In my shop in Monterrey, I rebuilt the transmission and made a few minor adjustments to the engine. After these fixes, I embarked on a 23-hour long trip from Mexico to Charlotte for the race. I trusted this car more than any other car in my possession because I had rebuilt it from the ground up. After successfully making the trek, I continued to drive this Beetle daily for the next three years.

This car is very special to me. It was passed down to me by father. It has taken me to exciting new places and helped me create lifelong memories. This car brought me to Charlotte and that is something I will always be grateful of.